In Zaporozhye the dormitory with foreign students was taken under heavy guard

В Запорожье общежитие с иностранными студентами взяли под усиленную охрану

Heavily guarded hostel No. 4 of Zaporizhzhya state medical University

In the dormitory, where in the summer the foreign students live, revealed a hotbed of coronavirus infection.

Days during duty bypass of the hostel staff members of Department of infectious diseases and pediatric infectious diseases SGMU identified two students with fever and respiratory symptoms.

They immediately hospitalized in a regional infectious diseases hospital, where they confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus infection.

The operational headquarters of combating the spread of infectious diseases in SGMW, which is valid from March 12, immediately found the contact persons that have been tested.

Tested foreign students confirmed 27 cases of asymptomatic leakage coronavirus infection, other contact persons are isolated.

Students admitted to the city hospital №7, a dormitory, where he found the disease, taken under heavy guard.

Strengthened control measures across the University.

Since the beginning of the quarantine in Zaporozhye state medical University has introduced strict security measures:

  • limited access to unauthorized persons on campus especially in dorms,
  • during the afternoon, there is a repeated wet cleaning and disinfection of all rooms, corridors, places of collective use and stay not only in academic buildings but also in hostels,
  • at the entrance to the campus and in the campus all staff and students measure the temperature of remote thermometers, I suggest to disinfect the hands with a special solution.

The administration took care of the procurement in sufficient quantity of detergents and disinfectants, sanitisers.

In each hostel are equipped with insulators, and the Centre of medical rehabilitation and prevention, located in the hostel No. 3, equipped emergency room patients with suspected coronavirus infection, in which daily are receiving infectious disease physicians.

Every day the staff of the Department of infectious diseases and pediatric infectious diseases carried out the bypass of the rooms of the hostels where foreign students live.