In Zaporozhye the health Department complained about the low fees provided in hospitals from 1 April

В Запорожье департамент охраны здоровья пожаловался на заниженные тарифы, предусмотренные в больницах с 1 апреля

Now there is a preparatory process for the conclusion of contracts between NCSU with medical institutions of secondary level for packages of services.At the same time officials from the health Department of the city Council noted that according to preliminary calculations, the existing tariffs are incorrect.

This was stated by the Executive Committee, the Director of the health Department of the city Council Victoria Ushakov, reports 061.

We selectively counted services. In state rates are not laid down wages, power, depreciation of equipment. Some of them two or three times too low. In addition, the total amount of financing from the state budget of medical services is extremely limited. We have repeatedly appealed to the Ministry of NSSO in order to revise the tariffs upwards. From the city budget it will be necessary to invest to the industry until the end of the year provided that all companies will sign the contract, – said Ushakov.

In Zaporozhye there are only 20 secondary-level health facilities – maternity hospitals, dental clinics, adult and children’s hospitals that are aggressively pursuing contracts for packages of services. The program of state guarantees provided financing from the state budget for the provision of health care to patients with acute conditions (stroke, heart attack), providing ambulatory assistance, early diagnosis of cancer and inpatient care – surgical, childbirth and care for the newborn. In addition, be financed from the state budget is dental care in urgent cases of acute pain.

– Today all our companies are ready to conclude contracts and gave the order. About a third have already received positive responses. Every day we receive information about acceptance or transfer for completion. There were some comments, but online, within 4 hours of the application was improved, and they were adopted. All of our companies have applied for the types of assistance they provide rehabilitation, inpatient, medical, surgical, birth, neonatal, outpatient, – told in the Department of health.