In Zaporozhye there is a need in creation of a city our way

В Запорожье есть необходимость в создании городской медлаборатории

The health Department of the city Council passed a report for the 2018 year

During the report, the Director of the health Department of the Zaporozhye city Council Victoria Ushakov told about the main achievements of the past year and plans for next year.

So, last year for the purchase of new equipment has been allocated UAH 65,2 million. “Industrialna” reported that in 9-th city hospital installed a new MRI scanner, in 5-th city hospital has a unique equipment for crushing kidney stones, all operating 5-th city hospital installed new equipment and so on.

All activities aimed at health, the city budget has allocated 220 million UAH. This amount includes the full support of the emergency room, urgent care, emergency care to children in two intensive care units of the 5th children’s hospital, grace dentures dentists in the district, medications for patients with diabetes, major joint replacement.

According to the program of health of the city has funded 17 projects, of which 11 buildings renovated and 6 were rebuilt. The amount of funding – almost 13 million UAH. Reconstruction of many facilities will be completed this year. Additional funds in the amount of UAH 5.2 million allocated for continuation of reconstruction of the outpatient family doctor.

“Industrialna” reported that in the Factory area extensive work has been conducted on repair of premises for antenatal care.

As noted by Viktoria Ushakova, all work on the maintenance of medical institutions high quality equipment will also continue this year.

Among the leaders of different meduchrezhdeniy of the city, deputies of the Zaporozhye city Council, the report was attended by the rector of Zaporizhzhya state medical University Yuriy Kolesnik. He noted that along with the acquisition of new equipment in the Zaporizhia you need to think about creating the med lab.

-It’s great that the city really visible change and purchase high quality equipment, – said Yuriy Kolesnik. – It’s also good to open urban lab, because today, people have no alternatives to private entities. And today these private firms appear very much. As for the quality of services provided, one can only hope that it is of high level. Today there is no possibility to check the medical centers. So my suggestion is to think about the creation of the urban laboratory.

В Запорожье есть необходимость в создании городской медлаборатории

В Запорожье есть необходимость в создании городской медлаборатории

В Запорожье есть необходимость в создании городской медлаборатории