In Zelensky new challenge: the elections are invited Jiji and Polyakov

В Зеленского новый челлендж: к выборам приглашают Дзидзьо и Полякову

The team Zelensky looking for those willing to become election observers.

The team of Ukrainian showman and presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky has launched a new “Supervisory challenge” and urged citizens to become observers in the presidential elections.

This is stated in the published page the-team video.

The author of the so-called observer-the challenge turned out to peers, comedian Eugene Mishka.

Mishka was invited artists Jiji and Olga Polyakova can join to actively participate in the elections.

“Your crown will fall”, – said Mishka.

The team Zelensky added that to become an observer at the elections and everyone can just come to the office of showman, scan your passport and visit the polling stations on March 31.