Incompatible pairs of Zodiac signs: for the future does not even count

Несовместимые пары знаков Зодиака: на счастливое будущее даже не рассчитывайте

Unfortunately, it happens: no matter how beautiful, incredible and passionate no matter your relationship with certain signs of the Zodiac – still nothing. No matter how you love, no matter how hard. Probably want stars, and, perhaps, fate just protects you from people who will cause only pain and disappointment.

Although, of course, there are no rules without exceptions. So take these tips only as recommendations and not as instructions for immediate action. Not necessarily tonight to collect suitcases and to leave your beloved – it is possible that your Union is the exception to the rule. But to listen to what the stars say – never.

Aries: Stay away from Cancer

Rams too straightforward and open. They will without hesitation tell you things in person, and it’s for Cancer too. He is emotional and sensitive, to listen like. Cancer need a shoulder who understands a loved one in which to blow my nose and cry, and not an unpredictable partner who will say that he only had himself to blame.

Sadly, the RAM is not totally suited Cancer, constantly telling about their emotions, which are often through the roof. He will soon disappoint you, so either say goodbye to their habit to “hack the truth” in the eye, or look for another partner – more resistant.

Taurus: Stay away from Sagittarius

If you manage to fall in Sagittarius, the cook… popcorn. Because your relationship will resemble the real-life soap Opera of the series as 200!

The archers is “movie heroes” that I would never know what to expect. Steep turns and turns they will get you almost every day. If you are willing to participate in this “Santa Barbara” – can risk.

Gemini: stay away from virgin

As you know, the Twins are very smart and curious. They just vital same source. And it’s not that Virgo possesses intelligence and spirituality. With that she just all right. But she’s too reserved and not used to sharing their thoughts and emotions.

Gemini, on the contrary, ready to chat almost around the clock. They feel happy only surrounded by people, Virgo is the same – too reserved and quiet.

Cancer: Stay away from Aquarius

Like Cancer he tried – he can’t control his emotions. He’s too compassionate, empathic and naive to believe that other people should be the same. After all, how to stay calm and not to rage when there’s so much happening!

The conflict in this Union of love is that Aquarians don’t like emotional outbursts. It is not that they are cold and unfeeling. Just when Cancer is called, “carries”, he is lost and doesn’t know how to behave.

Leo: Stay away from Aries

Leo used to be the center of attention, to charm, to Shine, to get compliments. And the RAM is also not against the “walk on stage”. It can be very dangerous competition. Aries is a good player and quite strong, because when you win, you’re in the “last series” and not even wince.

You need a partner who will support and praise, not to challenge and tease. Lion, as you remember, anger is a dangerous thing…

Virgo: Stay away from Cancer

With sensitive Cancer you certainly are unlikely to stay together. The fact that Virgo is too critical (and self-critical as well). It is unlikely the Cancer will be able to take all of your comments, suggestions and even constructive criticism.

Cancer will be offended, angry, offended again… You need it?

Libra: Stay away from the Scorpion

Libra loves peace, harmony, and everything when smoothly. That is all happy and friendly. Their goal is to avoid conflict at any cost.

But Scorpion is such a life against the grain. He needs to be happy drama, adventure, passion, emotions. How long to hold together such opposites? The answer seems obvious: you are simply not able to cope with the devastating emotional strength of Scorpio.

Scorpio: Stay away from the Lion

These two, at first glance, have much in common. They are equally look at things, United by common values, love the same. But they will always argue and disagree with each other! Here is such a paradox.

And Scorpio, and Leo is a very charismatic. They are leaders by nature, because they will “fight” for the right to be called the best until “first blood”. None of them will rest until they receive “the palm of the winner”. That is one way out: either you just give up Leo or come into a fight in which there will be only losers. Love is the only way…

Sagittarius: Stay away from Capricorn

Those born under this sign is the “cats that walk by themselves.” Freedom for them is everything.

This item and are not satisfied with Capricorn: he likes to keep everything under control. He will never be able to understand the freedom-loving Sagittarius and will try to teach him how to live “right”, i.e. under control.

Capricorn: Stay away from Aries

These both signs are very responsible and are true workaholics. It unites them and attracts each other. But Aries can not stand the slowness and pedantry of Capricorn. He just has no time, so carefully consider and analyze. And if Capricorn patience and prudence – these are the most important virtues, then Aries totally different perspective on things: he lives in the moment and always ready for adventure.

So if you are ready to fly to Mars for Aries without hesitation – then fall in love. Otherwise, your love is doomed. Aries really very upset, when instead of running to him in the cockpit of the rocket, you will begin to call for common sense.

Aquarius: Stay away from Taurus

The Aquarius is very disturbing nature. Life is boring and grey is not for him. He wants to change something in your life, as a rule, immediately and radically. Taurus, on the other hand, likes stability and does not see the need to change what works. He’s just not flexible enough and open to your ideas. So either give up your ideas, either from Taurus.

There is another option: gradually accustom the Calf to change. Maybe a miracle will happen and he will change. Who knows – the love of the Almighty…

Pisces: Stay away from Aquarius

At first glance, these two seem made for each other. But it is up to the first manifestations of the emotions of Fish. For Aquarius is too uninteresting and boring.

Fish need a person who is always there, will listen and be interested in everything that concerns them. Aquarius is too fickle to offer it. Unless you accept the fact that no one will share the secret. But the question arises: “Why?” In the end – there is still 11 signs of the Zodiac except Aquarius! Among them there are certainly those who have the time to listen and understand.