Increase RAM in MacBook Pro has increased in price

Увеличение оперативной памяти в MacBook Pro увеличилось в цене

When Apple introduced to the public its new laptop MacBook Pro 13, many users were surprised that the company offers something truly productive at a low enough price. Especially given the fact that earlier Apple had some problems with the correct formation of the price policy. Today, however, many fans of portable technology Apple expecting a nasty surprise on the official page for the MacBook Pro 13 because the company has twice increased the upgrade cost of the model when upgrading from 8 GB RAM to 16 GB and the same applies to the original purchase of the model in the online store.

However, it is unlikely that you’d have to blame directly only Apple, because here, as in any similar case, it is usually a question on the supply chain. In other words, with the rising cost of making chips, and associated memory components, other manufacturers can no longer sell their Apple devices and features at the old price. And therefore Apple, in turn, have to raise the ultimate commercial value of your device, even if initially positioned it as the most affordable model.

Thus, now the price raise from 8 to 16 GB of RAM on the MacBook Pro 13 is not 100, but 200 U.S. dollars, which is certainly regarded by many users as something unpleasant and unexpected in this sense. But, because the market does not stand still and is sensitive to even the slightest fluctuations in the price and cost of production of the individual components, it becomes obvious that things are going to change and Apple. On the other hand, such a measure is quite a may be temporary in order to adjust the flow of price.

While it remains to await the final decision of the company Apple regarding the correct choice of its future pricing policy – as it currently may be that soon the company will introduce something completely opposite. And at the moment the cost of a MacBook Pro 13 remains at the same level at US $ 1300, which is also a kind of indicator of stability relative to other current Apple devices.

Увеличение оперативной памяти в MacBook Pro увеличилось в цене

Увеличение оперативной памяти в MacBook Pro увеличилось в цене

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