Increase to pension: who and when will receive a long-awaited 1250 UAH

Прибавка к пенсии: кто и когда получит долгожданные 1250 гривен

For retirement, some Ukrainians will receive from the state additional assistance – however, one-off

The second part of a one-time payment in the amount of UAH 1,205 will be listed in April, said the Deputy head of the Pension Fund of Ukraine Iryna Kovbasko in an interview with “Hyser”.

Kovbasko noted that “bonus” surcharge 2410 UAH 17 cents was assigned to those who have full insurance but the pension does not exceed 1669 hryvnia 20 kopecks.

“It was decided to financially support people who have extensive work experience, but receive a small pension because of their low salaries,” – said the official.

She said that amount is paid in two parts. In March, pensioners have already received 1205 UAH 9 cents, and in April they will be given more 1205 UAH 8 cents.

Another important condition for receiving the payments: pensions of these people needs to be exclusively on insurance Law “On compulsory state pension insurance”. Thus, “Chernobyl veterans” and military personnel one-time payment are not supposed to. If a person receives more than the specified amount (for example, 1700 hryvnias of pension), he is also left without “spring gift”. Just a one-time payment, according to Kovbasko will receive more than 2 million people. Note that if the pensions granted before 1 October 2011, the full work experience for men is 25 years, for women – 20 years. If the pension was determined: for men – 35 years, for women – 30 years.

In March Ukraine hosted the global recalculation of pensions established by the legislation. Indexing of consuls of 8.9 out of 10.2 million Ukrainian pensioners. The average payout has increased to 3033 UAH 491 UAH more than in January of the current year.

However, all retirees received different increases: one added 100-300 hryvnia, others over 1000. As explained by Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko, in his scheme, the government took into account the average salary in Ukraine, retiree insurance experience, as well as his salary during employment.

The Cabinet also assured that such indexation will become permanent and will be held each year in March.

Experts believe that in the year of election interruptions and delays in payment of pensions will not. But they fear that such problems may occur in the next few years.

Прибавка к пенсии: кто и когда получит долгожданные 1250 гривен

Прибавка к пенсии: кто и когда получит долгожданные 1250 гривен