“Indecent in a country at war!” Gerashchenko has addressed to the Parliament because of the large premiums of the officials

''Неприлично в воюющей стране!'' Геращенко обратилась к Раде из-за сверхбольших премий чиновников

Officials counted themselves unreasonably large bonuses, which do not correspond to the economic results of the work of the Cabinet of Ministers.

This was stated by co-Chairman of the faction “European solidarity” Irina Gerashchenko during a speech at the plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada.

“When the country was asleep, at midnight tonight appeared posts of the Prime Minister of a technocratic government is not about the success of the economy, about reforms, and about the salaries of the government, which has grown 1,600 times, with the sacred question – do class managers high salaries. The response of Neopolitan obvious – in order to attract class managers, we need high wages, ” she said.

The politician asked a professional whether we have a government.

“If they can boast of at least one of whether reform had won the war? Is there progress in Economics? Helped small and medium businesses, teachers? Obviously not!” she said.

The politician also noted that it is unacceptable to charge premiums to individuals who lead loss-making state enterprises and the size of awards in thousands of times higher than the wages of officials.

“Deep manipulations of this post is that no salaries, the government itself is not raised. They have left tens of thousands of hryvnia, and through the prize, they raised his payments by a factor of 1,600. Today we have a government of technocrats that elections promised Ukrainians that teachers ‘ salaries will be $ 4,000. Left 4000 hryvnias, and receive 500 Grand prize. The same applies to members of the Supervisory boards of unprofitable state-owned enterprises and law enforcement agencies such as the Prosecutor General’s office. We believe that this is absolute manipulation, which is obscene in a country at war,” – said Gerashchenko.

The parliamentarian recalled that the previous Parliament has disposed of a number of parliamentary privileges in order to save budgetary funds during the war, but the power of acting contrary Zelensky.

“In this session hall, I love to blame on predecessors. I want to tell you that the previous Parliament – is the one who took the parliamentary privileges. We took the free flights of people’s deputies, the so-called health, in order to show – if we came to serve people, in a time when people are tightening their belts, it should do including the deputies,” – said the MP.

“But now here members, and the “servants” who sit with a great tan and we can only imagine that if servants are well rested, how rested people,” added co-chair of the faction.

Gerashchenko stressed that wage increases should apply to all state employees, not of individual Ministers and heads of public agencies.

“We believe that this is a deep manipulation and Ukraine in “turbo mode” into a country of deceived voters, the election promised high wages to the military, teachers, doctors, civil servants. But what’s going on? If would have raised the salaries of Ministers, on the grid tariff, this increase would have received ordinary civil servants working in ministries, but in fact they get back a few thousand.

The Ministers who for the last few months and only doing what scootering, post posts when you need to deal with the economy itself was discharged in four months of the award of several hundred thousand hryvnia. Our faction has prepared a bill to this injustice to stop and urge him to support”, – said the MP.