India has signed the largest in history a deal for the construction of solar power plants

В Индии заключили самую крупную в истории сделку по строительству солнечных электростанций

The Green company Adani Energy Limited has signed a first of its kind “solar” agreement with the Indian Corporation, Solar Energy Corporation of India, which provides realization of the 8 GW of solar projects, according to the EcoTown with reference to Solar Daily.

According to the publication, the agreement is the largest in the world and will attract $6 billion and create 400 thousand jobs.

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The publication notes that the new solar power plant needs to save 900 million tons of carbon dioxide.

The agreement will result in the company Green Energy Limited Adani closer to achieving installed capacity is 25 GW of renewable energy by 2025, which in turn will lead to a $15 billion investment.

Investors in renewable energy has proposed to the government restructuring scenarios of “green” tariffs

On the basis of the agreement implementation of solar projects with a capacity of 8 GW will happen in the next five years.

The first 2 GW up to 2022, and the remaining 6 GW to 2 GW added per year until 2025.

Previously, the Department of energy and environmental protection has developed terms of a Memorandum of reduction of “green tariff” for solar power by 15% for wind power plants by 7.5%.

The government