India shot down a satellite and created a threat to the ISS

Индия сбила спутник и создала угрозу для МКС

During the test an anti-satellite weapon based on a ballistic missile, India has shot down a satellite Microsat-R weighing 700 kg. launched in January 2019 and it has a military purpose. As a result, space has created a dangerous space debris.

As reported by N + 1, debris from the satellite flew at an altitude of 200 to 1600 km.

NASA has said it could threaten the International space station.

What is a threat. According to the head of NASA Jim Bridenstine, they found more than 60 potentially dangerous objects, the size of which the diameter exceeds 10 cm Although there is still the much smaller fragments, which are impossible to track.

In General, at the same height with the station is 24 chip the satellite. But the ISS gradually decreases closer to the Ground, so the number of potential threats can grow.

However, an authoritative source reported that a direct threat to the ISS yet. If such danger would occur, the station will be able to deviate from the foreign body to be seen at least 3-5 hours before the collision.

Company Analytical Graphics have modeled this situation in the video

What is the ISS? It’s a space station orbiting the Earth, created for scientific research in space. ISS was a joint project between NASA and Roscosmos. To perform a variety of works, astronauts make regular EVAs. As of may 2017 on account of the members of the ISS 200 astronauts in space, for a total duration of 1247 hours and 55 minutes.

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