Indian machine made the first photo of the moon

Индийский аппарат сделал первое фото Луны

Indian machine Chandrayaan-2 transmitted to Earth the first photos of the lunar surface. The released space research organization ISRO in India.

As India Times writes, the photograph was taken by the camera apparatus LI4 Chandrayaan-2 with a height of about 2650 km from the surface.

In the picture you can see the crater of Apollo.

What about the mission? 21 Aug Chandrayaan-2 conducted the second maneuver in orbit. 2 September will be followed by three maneuver before the Rover will separate from the spacecraft in orbit.

Landing apparatus on the surface on the moon is scheduled for September 7. This must be the first landing of the earth’s apparatus on the South pole of the earth satellite.

Индийский аппарат сделал первое фото Луны

Photos of the lunar surface

What is Chandrayaan-2? This Indian automatic interplanetary station. This is the third mission for the country after the lunar reconnaissance Orbiter Chandrayaan-1 and Mars reconnaissance Orbiter.

The new mission consists of three spacecraft: Sputnik, landing platform “Vikram” and Lunokhod “Pagan”. The latter has received several instruments to study the moon: two x-ray and a single infrared spectrometer to study the composition of the lunar surface and search for water, the high-resolution camera, another camera, to map terrain, SAR radar, and instruments for the study of the lunar ionosphere and a tenuous atmosphere.

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