“Indifference and lack of sanitation”. A young mother is outraged Melitopol maternity hospital (photo)

"Равнодушие и антисанитария". Молодая мама возмущена мелитопольским роддомом (фото)

Medical establishment that all is joyful Association with the emergence of new life, caused a flurry of criticism from one of the patients. The young mother claims that the hospital there is a poor sanitation, according to chambers, cockroaches running around, and the help from the staff to not wait.

In a public instagram “Comments on” a woman shared her impressions about the stay in Melitopol hospital. Unfortunately, entirely negative. She-came, on the child’s bed had stains from dirty rags, and a spoon that was brought to her for feeding the baby had traces of coffee.

The woman complained and the staff of medical facilities. According to her, they approached the child with the smell of cigarettes and without masks and were in no hurry to help.

The review opinions are divided. Some supported the author of the post, noting the disadvantages faced, while others wrote that nothing noticed.

The state hospital currently leaves much to be desired. Repairs where made only partially, but new equipment was purchased. Next year will be carried out major repairs of two buildings letuchesti – hospital and infectious disease ward of the hospital.

Hello. About the hospital you will publish? In short it is a gesture. Most of the staff smoke-filled barge in without masks, right to the baby! Cockroaches run around the wards. We were paid in the house, stains from dirty rags in a baby cot(see photo), still someone’s hair! The valve when open, buzzing in the corridor, and almost all chambers. The staff is disgusting! The only nurse Vika normal, helped a child in the next room, which just screamed for three days! The rest is all shit! The toilet is very low, below knee 8-10 cm. After cesarean this is so cool. Spoon brought the baby milk to feed, and it’s dirty, coffee stains all over the spoon!!! I have no idea what the attitude of those who, in General, free wards. Mattresses and pillows sucked, lying on new, Packed! Baby food was sold to feed the baby, asked the best-offered for 130 UAH ( don’t understand it, believe in the word). The next day the child just sprinkled! Came home, decided to read about baby food, not only that, it costs 60-70 UAH, all write that an allergic reaction to it was! Anonymous. The hospital Melitopol melotziv

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