Infect the whole world with the coronavirus in the AppStore there is a new game

Зарази весь мир коронавирусом: в AppStore появилась новая игра

With the epidemic of the deadly coronavirus in China, even video game developers “caught the wave” and created an entertaining app for smartphones. So, in AppStore there is a new game about the coronavirus, which has already become a hit and get exorbitant number of downloads.

It is noted that in the game Plague Inc. the task is to infect the entire world with a virus. You need to consider mutations of the virus so that against him did not have time to come up with a cure and a deadly virus has destroyed the whole world – this is the goal of the game. In addition, the game is paid and you can buy it for $0.99.

“Every time there’s an outbreak, we see a growing number of players, since people tend to know more about how diseases spread, and to understand the mechanisms of viral outbreaks,” write the creators of the game – Ndemic Creations.

Therefore, the developers say that their game is in the genre of biological simulation should not be perceived by players as a scientific model for the spread of the virus.

We also previously wrote that in Kiev there was one case of infection with coronavirus. But, as it turned out, the Ukrainian virus is not the same as Chinese, and hence to fear it. Doctors recommend to take precautions to protect themselves from infection.