Infected with coronavirus, a resident of the Sumy region in contact with 50 people

Инфицированная коронавирусом жительница Сумской области контактировала с 50 людьми

Dead 76-year-old resident of the village Cossack was a local sorceress and led the behavior of people. She was in contact with the employee of mail, sanosuke retirement.

In the Sumy region already has 50 people, contact with deceased 76-year-old resident of Konotop district, in which the two rapid tests have confirmed the presence of coronavirus infection СOVID-19.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, about it today at a briefing in Sumy regional state administration the Director of the state institution “Sumy regional laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine” Vladimir zbaraz.

According to him, the laboratory of the center started to work on March 25 after admission to the institution of appropriate tests (the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) that reliably confirm infection СOVID-19 – UNIAN).

Zbaraz told that in Konotop district sick elderly woman, who two days was at home and treated independently. After her condition worsened, she was hospitalized in the Central regional hospital. After two rapid tests for the presence in the body of coronavirus infection given a positive result, she took the biomaterials that were sent to the laboratory center. The Director of the center said that after the death of the patient was established over 50 people that have been in contact with her.

“Unfortunately, two hours later, when the car was still in the way of Konotop, the woman died. Now epidemiologists looking for her contacts. Conducted rounds in the village, and interviewed the health workers who spoke there. Contact, say, a lot. Now we referred to the survey on 50 people,” – said the official.

According to him, the laboratory of the centre has already launched the first 6 tests from Konotop, although laboratory the presence of the deceased СOVID-19 is not officially confirmed.

“We have re-started the study of materials from this patient, which will give us 100% information, if she was sick with coronavirus. Depending on the result, there will be other events, or they can be stopped… Roughly result in Konotop will be at 19.00”, – said zbaraz.

He also said that the study of biomaterials are within 6-8 hours.

“Yesterday, the laboratory switched to clock mode. At the same time we can explore the six samples. That is, the knocks can explore 24 sample,” said the official.

In turn, the head of the health Department of Sumy regional state administration Dmitry Kravtsov said that at present, the region suspected coronavirus recorded in three people. Two patients in the last days were delivered in health facilities. One of them is the citizen of Sumy, which was sent to the regional infectious clinical hospital named Zenobia krasovskogo.

“Yesterday in the regional laboratory centre of PCR disease in women was confirmed. Under suspicion is a patient in ahtirskiy CRH, he has recently returned from Poland. Another 11 people are on isolation: 10 – in Sumy, one in the Romney, in stable condition,” – said Kravtsov.