Inflammatory skin and bowel disease linked

Воспалительные состояния кожи и заболевания кишечника связаны

According to a review published in the February issue of the International journal of dermatology, there is a connection between inflammatory skin conditions and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Kevin Phan, MD, from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, and his colleagues conducted a systematic literature review to identify studies assessing the relationship between inflammatory skin conditions (hidradenitis suppurativa suppurativa) and inflammatory bowel disease.

Based on the six included in the review studies, the researchers observed a significant link between the two. When data were combined in a meta-analysis, the adjusted magnitude of the effect showed an odds ratio of 2.12. There was a significant relationship between inflammatory skin conditions, and Crohn’s disease (odds ratio of 2.25) and ulcerative colitis (odds ratio of 1.56).

“Our results show that all patients with skin inflammation should undergo clinical screening for symptoms of IBD, and patients with symptoms should be sent for further studies,” the authors write. – It should be noted that Crohn’s disease and inguinal / perineal inflammation had a clinical match and this should be considered in any patient with severe inflammatory States”.

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