Injured Yulia sakhnevich admitted, will come to the floor in the quarterfinals of the show “dancing with the stars 2018” – 24 Channel

Травмована Юлія Сахневич зізналась, чи вийде на паркет у чвертьфіналі шоу "Танці з зірками 2018" - 24 Канал

Soon viewers will learn who was the winner of the popular show “dancing with the stars 2018”. In the meantime, a lot of fans worried about the main favourites of the project – Pavel Vishnyakov and Yulia sakhnevich.

Cause for alarm was the injured dancer during a stunt. Yulia sakhnevich seriously injured his back and was barely standing live “dancing with the stars 2018”.

So far the organizers have not commented, will the dancer on the floor in the 12th issue. Yulia sakhnevich, too, refrained from any statements. However, we are only 2 days, so the dancer had openly admitted how he feels after the injury.

I want to say a huge thank you for your support and experiences. I am very pleased, believe me, it adds even more strength! Health everything is in order and should be even better! Back too
– Yulia sakhnevich.


Judging from the article, the dancer will come to the floor and, as always, will demonstrate perfect PA with his partner, actor Pavel Vishnyakov. By the way, a couple has the romantic relationship that does not hide from the public.



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