Innovation and transformation are the key factors business development in the current environment – shymkiv

Инновации и трансформация - ключевые факторы развития бизнеса в нынешних условиях - Шимкив

Constant innovation and transformation processes in the company is in the present circumstances is a key aspect of business development.

This was during an online conference “Innovation as a strategy for the future” said the Chairman of the Board of Directors Darnitsa Group Dmytro shymkiv.

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He stressed that the company nearly two years is in the process of transformation. In addition to modifying approaches to the implementation of tasks, organizational structure, forms of interaction both within the team and with stakeholders, “Darnitsa” is also introducing innovation in processes and digitizes them.

“Innovation is the DNA of our company. We have a “Darnitsa” in 2019, the project pharmaceutical electronic document management. In order to implement it, attracted more than 400 employees. When people are part of the innovation process – they become ambassadors or advocates of these innovations. We are one of the few pharmaceutical companies in the world who use the cloud version of ERP and transferred most of the processes in cloud services,” said shymkiv.

The pharmaceutical market up to 2020 will grow by 6-8% – shymkiv

He also added that in 2019, thanks to the introduction of innovations, the company’s net income grew by 10.3%, gross profit by 22%, net profit of 30%. Also generated new values and business philosophy that reflects the new goal of leadership in generics, building an international brand and full digital transformation of the company.

Earlier, Dmitry Shimkiv stated that the work of “Darnitsa” in quarantine mode was implemented without major changes the system thanks to a timely investment in digital. The company, he said, has introduced a hybrid it infrastructure, actively using cloud technologies, particularly cloud-based solution for the operating employees ‘ work with Microsoft Office 365, electronic document management on SAP/Open Text. Thanks to these innovations, a third of the personnel in the active phase of the quarantine to work effectively remotely.