Innovative plant in Bila Tserkva to Khmelnytsky at a cost of $2 million

Инновационный завод в Белой Церкви обошелся Хмельницкому в $2 млн

The expected return on new plant electrical accessories Plank Electrotechnic – 4 years

The discovery of innovative plant electrical accessories Electrotechnic Plank in the White Church has cost the head of the investment group UFuture Vasily Khmelnytsky in $2 million this was stated by the Director of the plant Alexander Kryzhanovsky.

This plant is the first project implemented on the territory of Industrial Park “White Church” project of the investment group UFuture. The plant itself was built in less than 1 year.

The main goal of the company is import substitution of electrical fittings better and less expensive products of Ukrainian origin. At the plant say that the majority of the processes are automated with the latest technology.

Now Plank Electrotechnic employs 30 people. Until the end of 2019, the state will increase to 50 employees.

Plans investment group UFuture the creation of the Industrial Park “White Church” of innovative industrial cluster. Its members include companies from different sectors, use in the production process of high-tech polymers.

“The White Church as the location for the Industrial Park and the plant was not chosen by chance. This is one of the largest regional cities of Ukraine, at a distance of 80 kilometers from Kiev. In addition, it is the center of production of electrical engineering with a significant number of industrial professionals,” said Kryzhanovsky.