Innovative rental service of motorcycles BMW Motorrad Russia

Инновационный сервис аренды мотоциклов BMW Motorrad Россия

BMW Motorrad Russia will offer a modern service, through which you can comfortably take for a free test ride and rent a motorcycle from test Park dealerships throughout Russia. This season will be available for over 100 motorcycles, 50 of them in Moscow. In addition, the ecosystem service will implement such innovative services as subscription to motorcycles and a full “bickering”.

In the first stage, a test-ride or rent a motorcycle you can schedule in real time through a specially designed mobile app BMW Motorrad EASY2RIDE. The application provides a choice of models, check dealerships and booking the desired period. When you visit a salon, the client does not have to spend time filling out documents for his arrival everything will be ready.

When registering, you must pass the same for carcharhinoid companies validating and scoring, developed jointly with the company “Balance Platform”. The main difference from traditional car – sharing selected motorcycle can be picked up only from the dealership and get the same back.

The first service will benefit those who wish to take a short test ride before buying a motorcycle or take a motorcycle rental up to a month. The billing system is available online in the app.

Service BMW Motorrad EASY2RIDE is a project of LLC “BMW Rusland trading”, which owns all rights. Partner as the service operator of the platform was made by OOO “Laboratory of smart driving” (LUV), acting on behalf and with the consent of the company “BMW Rusland trading”. LUV – a Russian developer of connected solutions and services for vehicles. Specifically and together with the BMW Group Russia “Laboratory” has developed a telematic solution which evaluates the manner of use of motorcycles, their controls the location and protects against theft.

BMW Motorrad staff will be able to online mode to see the location of the motorcycle, the accuracy of its use, maintenance, fuel level, battery charge, etc., the Algorithms will optimize and improve the management of a fleet of demonstration bikes.

“The reason for the leadership of BMW Group Russia in the motorcycle market is not only the quality of our range and level of service, but prompt response to customer requests. I am proud that our company was the first in the Russian market launched a similar service motobrendy. We have proposed an innovative solution which will help dealers to expand the audience and attract new customers and motorcycle lovers to enjoy the benefits of technology BMW Motorrad lengthy test drives,” comments the new CEO of BMW Group Russia Stefan Teuchert.

“Service EASY2RIDE is the first such ruling in Russia and the first step to full mothering. Given annually, the growing popularity of car sharing, we expect the growth of rental services of motorcycles in the near future. We are pleased to be part of this history in conjunction with BMW Group Russia”, – says General Director of “laboratory of Smart Driving” Mikhail Anokhin.

“Now, however, as always, the great value has time. And we don’t want to take it from our customers unnecessary hassle of the paperwork, negotiation of test-drive, unnecessary phone calls. I’m sure the riders will appreciate this brand new service, and our bikes will now be able to fully demonstrate their capabilities in numerous test trips”, – says Vladimir Tchaikovsky, head of BMW Motorrad in Russia.

For additional information, please contact:

Ilya Baryshev, BMW Group Russia