“Insatiable male”: Kharlamov could have an affair with Kravets. Asmus

«Ненасытный кобель»: Харламов мог закрутить роман с Кравец из-за занятости Асмус

Of an irresistible desire Garik Kharlamov to enter into an intimate relationship with women, being married, told his ex-wife Yulia Leshchenko (Kharlamov). Therefore, Kristina Asmus was able to experience it for yourself.

For Garik Kharlamov after breaking up with Yulia Leshchenko has the nickname “greedy dog” – he appeared to trying to have wife and child, but cheated on her with Christine Asmus. He was tired of what his wife sits at home and lost interest in it, although Kharlamov was the initiator of dismissal of Yulia from work. It turned out that the comic can not be trusted.

Garik Kharlamov married a young, successful and attractive Christine Asmus, which gained popularity thanks to the TV series “Interns”, in which she played Varvara Chernous. This role is pretty and a naive girl-Intern created Asmus the way, miss innocence, than probably attracted Kharlamov. But as you know, all the evil come back like a boomerang, and taking away from a family man, Asmus had to expect that sooner or later it can survive the same. Despite the fact that the husband of actress, Kharlamov works mostly in a male environment, we should not forget that in “the Comedy Club” the only woman, and very attractive Marina Kravets.

Kharlamov at this time could have an affair with Marina Kravets because of the employment of Kristina Asmus in the theater. Actress puts the video on your page work together with young artists, not knowing what actually can be passionate about Garik Kharlamov on the job. And history seems to be repeating itself: Asmus is constantly not home, on vacation she flies with her daughter, but no husband and lustful Kharlamov does not cost anything to portray an honest family man, and behind change.

Regarding Kravets is also not so smoothly when she was not so popular, she got married for love for a fellow student, but we all know that when paired to a woman becomes more successful men, marriage is falling apart. Given that it has now become bright and recognizable stand-up, she might have wanted something more. Yes, and as practice shows, the scandals related to love Affairs with famous married men only adds to the popularity. But while the stars themselves for this is not articulated, the data fan-theory can be considered only assumptions.

«Ненасытный кобель»: Харламов мог закрутить роман с Кравец из-за занятости Асмус

«Ненасытный кобель»: Харламов мог закрутить роман с Кравец из-за занятости Асмус