Inside a meteorite found atypical for his material

Внутри метеорита нашли нетипичный для него материал

Scientists have discovered inside the asteroid mineral, which theoretically should not be there. Previously it was thought that this substance may appear only in the industrial process of steel production.

According to Newsweek, this meteorite fell in Australia in 1950-ies. Now scientists have found that the meteorite is edscott. Previously it was thought that this substance cannot be formed naturally.

Since 1951, scientists cut a piece from an asteroid by studying its chemical composition. That is why edscott discovered so late – after almost 70 years of experiences.

As you know, minerals do not receive a name until they are found in natural sources. So now the researchers obtained the official right to name the substance that was previously considered to be only artificial.

Therefore, this mineral was named in honor of Edward Scott, one of the researchers of the cosmological chemistry from the University of Hawaii. He made a significant contribution to the study of meteorites.

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