Inside is better to fuck than to leave the boutique a fraction, – Arakhamiya about the situation in SN

Лучше внутри трахаться, чем оставить бутиковой фракцией, - Арахамия о ситуации в СН

The head of the “servant of the people” David Arakhamiya recognizes that in the faction there are certain groups of influence. However, claims that political power is now “more United than ever”.

David Arakhamiya in interview acknowledged that the issue of exclusion of people from the faction constantly in the air.

The politician argues that in a situation when you need to make hundreds of laws in the framework of economic growth, it is easier to negotiate with the people within the faction, rather than seek “dogovornyak” with other political forces. He noted that “wishlist that give voice to these people in the Parliament, it is terrible to hear.”

We try to steer. If two weeks ago during some scandal you told me that should someone withdraw from the faction, but today I will say that our group is United as never before,

assured Arakhamia.

He added that he discussed the situation with Zelensky in the fraction and the presence of the political people who often go against the party line. Arakhamiya says that the President understands everything and always asked what can be the solution.

I say, if you put on the card, the conversation with five deputies outside or with our five – I always choose the way to talk inside

said David Arakhamiya.

The politician assumes that it is somewhere reduces the rating of the party “Servant of the people” because the people want a strong hand. He believes that these people not so deeply involved in the internal processes.

According to Arakhamiya, today they like a strong hand, and tomorrow they will say that “we are impotent and cannot make a proper law.”

Better inside to fuck on all possible issues, but in the end to go to the gym and to vote than now to cut off everyone who is against, and leave boutique faction in 180 people, and then run and think where to get another 46 votes

– said the head of the “servant of the people”.

In addition, the question of why faction expelled not button pushers, because they have signed a Memorandum before the elections, Arakhamiya noted that it was a random “knopkodavstvo of stupidity”.

According to him, the second time can no longer be stupidity, there will be a removal from the faction.

Note that the fraction of “public Servant” has 254 MPs. They are monopolist in Parliament.

Scandals in “the Servant of the people”: what is known

1. The people’s Deputy from the faction “servant of the people” directly in the session hall of the Parliament discussed how to “solve the issue with the Prosecutor’s office.” Medyanik corresponded with the person who signed in his / her mobile phone as “the Sasha of Spring”. Read more here.

2. Another MP from the “public Servants” Evgeny Shevchenko took part in the propaganda show “the Big game” on the Russian “First channel”. In Ukraine, it is not understood. More on the link.

3. At the meeting of the Finance Committee of the Rada deputies from the faction of “servant of the people” refused to support the abolition of the corrupt schemes incorporated in the evaluation procedure of cost of housing. The MPs allegedly received 30 thousand dollars for voting against this bill. Subsequently, the deputies passed a lie detector.

4. Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs and inter-parliamentary cooperation and the Deputy from “public Servants” Bogdan Yaremenko directly in the session hall corresponded with the prostitutes and asked them about the cost of services. In “the Servant of the people” have already approved his resignation.