Insomnia: what to do if I can’t sleep

Бессонница: чего не стоит делать, если не получается заснуть

At the end of a busy day feel an incredible fatigue and dream about how to quickly get to bed. But, taking, finally, a horizontal position, can not relax, continue to process the events of the day. Calm down and enjoy a good sleep will help you with the following tips, reports Want.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that it’s hard to sleep even after a very busy and tiring day. The nervous system of each person working individually. All we perceive certain events, a lot of think about something, and “turn off” thoughts on click and relax – it is impossible.

To relieve stress, before going to bed do stretching no more than 2-3 minutes, which will help to relax the muscles and prepare the body for sleep. Pull the back muscles of the feet and hands, make slow circular movements of the head.

If before you sleep for a long time worked behind a computer, your brain won’t be able to sleep. Type warm bath before going to bed, prepare a hot drink or read your favorite book. The head also needs some relaxation before the vacation, you need to calm down and leave heavy thoughts the next day.

Make sure that the bedroom had fresh air. Before bedtime ventilate the room, otherwise you will not only be difficult to fall asleep, but after a night in a stuffy room in the morning will be a headache.

What not to do:

  • Do not cram before bedtime. It’s bad for the figure, and for sleep. With a strong sense of hunger sleep also not quickly come, so eat a vegetable salad, a slice of cheese or a boiled egg. From fruit and yogurt should be abandoned – they have a lot of fluid – in the morning Wake up with swollen body.
  • Physical activity also does not have a beneficial effect on sleep. Sports “stomping” the body, will make the heart beating fast and permanently discourage you desire to sleep.
  • Do not drink coffee for 5-6 hours before sleep.