Inspections of vessels in sea ports – banned, business has sounded the alarm

Проверки судов в морских портах - запрещены, бизнес бьет тревогу

The European Business Association is once disturbed by the actions of environmental inspectors and the situation with inspections of courts in sea ports, despite prinyatoe April, the CMU resolution №367 on the abolition of the control of segregated ballast.

As noted by the business, according to the decision of government inspections of vessels in seaports today are prohibited.

However, in practice, companies-members of the Association almost every week to report the cases of its violations and attempts of environmental inspectors to receive from the shipowner the penalty for pollution of water area of the seaport.

“Business is concerned about such actions, it’s not clear what legislative provisions govern such inspections and imposing fines. First of all this is reflected in the doing business, because of material damage in the form of foregone GDP and revenues (both state and business), according to some estimates, reach $ 200 million annually, ” – said in the Association.

In addition, I am sure the business this subject is “well-known international partners, insurance clubs, publications, and all this inflicts indirect damage investment attractiveness of our country and affects its image as a Maritime power”.

In this regard, the business calls to intervene in the situation of power in the country.

“The European Business Association appeals to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groisman, and Government to pay attention to this situation and to take control of observance of the legislation of Ukraine in the ports”, – stated in the message.