Instagram is testing simplified recovery of compromised accounts

Instagram тестирует упрощенное восстановление взломанных аккаунтов

Network sources report that the social network Instagram is testing a new method of restoring user accounts. If now to recover your account you need to contact the security service network, in the future this process will be significantly simplified.

To recover your account in a new way will need to provide personal information, including mobile phone number or email address. After that, the user will receive a generated six-digit code that must be entered in the appropriate form.

According to available data, users can regain access to your account, even if the attackers changed their name and contact information listed on the profile page. This has been achieved through the introduction of the ban on the use of modified contact data quality tools restore access for a defined period of time. Simply put, even after a change in contact information for account recovery for some time will use the old data. This ensures that the user is faced with the problem, will be able to regain access to your account Instagram.

At the moment it is unknown when the function recovery of the account will receive wide distribution, but lock the user name is already available for all devices based on Android and iOS. The introduction of new functions will allow users to perform their own restoration of access, reducing the number of calls to the security service. Of course, this does not reduce the amount of hacking of accounts, but will make the recovery process much faster access.