Instagram not stand up to Kremlin propagandists

Instagram не выдерживает кремлевских пропагандистов

Popular social network Instagram has decided to filter false information to the Russians, starting from the post of chief propagandist of Putin and his entire worldview Margarita Simonyan.

In the remote post Simonyan requested financial assistance for the terrorist “DNR” Musa Umakhanov, who was wounded in the Donetsk airport and became half paralyzed.

The unexpected decision by the social network is extremely angered Simonyan, whose husband Tigran Keosayan called for the coup in Ukraine, because she shared their outrage on their personal pages on Instagram and Telegram.

“Instagram has deleted my post about our project “the Next step is ours” and on the collection of treatment “volunteer.” The only explanation from Instagram was this: “We want Instagram to be safe for all.” Forgot to add: “Except those who we do not like”, – poignantly signed posted the screenshot with the response of the network.

In addition, the administration Instagram threatened Simonyan lock her account in case of repeated post about collecting money for terrorists.

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