Instead of expensive plastic surgery, you can just do gymnastics

Вместо дорогой пластической операции можно просто делать гимнастику

A good alternative to plastic surgery will be the gymnastics of the facial muscles. A series of exercises that will remove wrinkles, rejuvenate and refresh without risks and unnecessary stress. To fulfill them it twice a day for 15 minutes without being distracted by anything else.

The index fingers are placed on the outer corners of your eyes, and average – over the bridge of his nose, looking up, you try to squint, the fingers preventing the muscles. In the next exercise I need to try, without involving the upper lid, look upwards, also creating a “barrier” with your fingers. Then you need to press your fingers along the eyebrows to the forehead, making it difficult to move muscles, you should try to raise the eyebrows.

In the next exercise you need to pronounce the sound “O”, while gradually lowering until it stops the lower jaw. Cheeks slightly compressed by the fingers, whereupon in this position, the muscles of the cheeks tense, as in the case with a smile.

To contour cheekbones useful such manipulation: the lips are, as in the pronunciation of the sound “And”. Middle fingers pressed against the cheeks, then the lips are drawn forward, as if the person had said “We”. Here, and subsequent techniques, in contrast to the previous tasks, you need to fix the result for a half a minute and 10 seconds.

Wrinkles on the lips will remove the training from the compression of the lips, teeth and jaw, fingers against the resistance of the lips need to raise their corners up, leaving the same in such position.

Nasolabial folds wrinkles protects this exercise: when you say “On”, move the index finger along the nasolabial folds from the nose towards the temples and nose.

In the next task clamped lips, the lower jaw is pushed forward as far as possible. Pressing a palm to the face, in the next exercise, you should focus efforts first hand, then up.

The last exercise is performed lying on the back. Need to clasp the neck with his hands, as if trying to strangle himself, while raising his head one centimeter, and having recorded half a minute. After that, you need to relax, this exercise is repeated 30 times.