Insurance for a moped or motorcycle: advantages and design rules

ОСАГО для мопеда или мотоцикла: преимущества и правила оформления

What Association do you have with the word “motorcycle”? I think you just remember the speed, ease, and freedom. But very often, even experienced riders get into accidents because of these feelings. And with the advent of spring and summer, drivers of two-wheeled vehicles becomes even greater.

Insurance is the protection of victims due to road traffic accident (RTA). The insurance company will pay the funds to repair the property affected and the losses due to injury.

Do I need insurance for a scooter or motorcycle?

Our citizens do not like to read the law and don’t know everything that is needed. The issue of insurance for mopeds and motorcycles are also required, as for automobiles, because this type of insurance covers all types of ground transportation. To issue insurance for motorcycles and mopeds can be as easy as for cars. This can be done either in the office of the insurance company, or through the Internet, using a convenient service like

Judging by the disappointing statistics, approximately half of the accidents involving motorcycles. Drivers often violate the rules of maneuvering, overtaking, are in a state of alcoholic intoxication. But a small plus motorcycles do less damage because of its weight and size. So insurance for this type of transport will be cheaper.

The issue of insurance for motorcycles

Unfortunately, we will not see the queue in the insurance companies of the owners of motor-transport, as they are not in a hurry to buy insurance. Often, in the accident it makes no sense to repair your motorcycle or another vehicle, because it will be more expensive than buying a new one. Also, this mode of transport is often subjected to danger, because it may be easily stolen. But the law is the same for all binding, so the issue of insurance is an important part in the life of any driver.

What are the necessary documents for registration:

  • The data sheet for your motor;
  • Your passport and taxpayer identification number (TIN);
  • The identity through which you can confirm your benefits if necessary and have the opportunity (for motorcycles, mopeds are also subject to the exemptions and vehicles).

Also important factor is the pricing of insurance. Many factors influence cost, including:

  • Type of transport;
  • The volume of the engine;
  • The place of registration of the owner of the car
  • Franchise and other supplements.

For example, bikers who have a vehicle with an engine displacement more than 3000 cubic centimeters, will pay more than drivers of a motorcycle with an engine capacity of less than 3000 cubic centimeters, even if they live in a small town.

Also frequently, the insurance company determines the cost of insurance based on the probability of occurrence of an accident. Therefore, some owners may spend more on insurance.

Obviously, you need to look for only reputable insurance companies that will easily cooperate with you, and you will be able to trust them. From an accident no one is immune: not a drivers car, no motorcycles. In order to protect yourself from financial hardship, it is necessary to issue the insurance. Many drivers think that they “blow over”. Indeed, maybe you’ll get lucky, maybe fate will play a cruel joke with you. To avoid problems you need to be insured and abide by the laws of our country.