Insurgency: Sandstorm has received a major upgrade. The circulation of the game has exceeded half a million copies

Insurgency: Sandstorm получила большое обновление. Тираж игры перевалил за полмиллиона копий

Hardcore militant network Insurgency: Sandstorm received its first major update, and the developers at New World Interactive has reported decent sales.

The game has got a playlist of “arcade” mode it will always alternate. The authors revealed that the starting mode will perform a traditional Team Deathmatch in which players will get more points of supply, and limit factions to a weapon and gain will be removed. Other modes are planned for release in the next updates.

A collection of “firearms” diversified five new guns. A shooter granted two varieties MP5 (MP5A2 and MP5A5), two new machine gun (M240B, and MG3) and the gun PF940. In addition, the stun grenades are more powerful.

Of course, in the action brought and fresh “cosmetics” (including glasses, tattoos and camouflage), improved performance, numerous bug fixes and other changes. About all new here.

The game was released on PC late last year and has already achieved good results for your niche – selling shooter exceeded half a million copies, which helped to cover the costs of developing and marketing. To celebrate, the developers decided to give the fighter a 20% discount until March 5 – now Sandstorm is 799 rubles on Steam.