Intel H110 and PCI slots and ISA managed to locate on one motherboard

Чипсет Intel H110 и слоты PCI и ISA удалось разместить на одной материнской плате

Among the buyers of motherboards are always conservative users, who for one reason or another can’t break up with outdated components. It is for them to motherboard manufacturers continue to make outlandish model. Some allow you to combine the processors Kaby Lake and the ISA slot.

In General, the ISA interface for connection of expansion cards is greetings from the past century, and because the Intel and AMD it is not supported. Moreover, the developers have abandoned support for the classic PCI interface which is not burdened with the suffix “Express”. However, MSI offers for the customer orders an unusual motherboard MS-98L9 with the green PCB, which was also “in fashion” for a very long time.

Someone combination of components and interfaces supported by this motherboard, seems very contradictory. Forces the chipset supports Intel LGA 1151 of the first generation – that is, Kaby Lake-S and Skylake-S this fee can be set, but more modern processors anymore. The Board provides two expansion slots PCI Express x16, one of which works in mode PCI Express x4.

Fans of “peripheral nostalgia” meant five PCI slots and one ISA slot. Apparently, their support is implemented using the bridge as a means of Intel H110 this can not be achieved. Drives, M. 2 is not supported, but there are four SATA ports. Built-in CPU graphics can output to two displays at the same time connected to the ports VGA and HDMI. Memory type DDR4-2400 total volume to 32 GB is installed in two slots.

The motherboard boasts a pair of Gigabit Ethernet controllers Intel, and the number of ports for connecting peripheral devices is impressive. On the rear panel you can find two COM ports, four are connected to the connectors on the Board. There are five USB 2.0 ports, two of which are displayed on the rear panel. Four USB 3.1 Gen 1 was originally located there. The PS/2 port Board is one, but you can connect both the keyboard and mouse via splitter. For sound controller Realtek ALC887-VD2-CG.

Manufacturer announces compatibility with Windows 64-bit 10, 25, or Linux Fedora Linux Ubuntu 16.04, but support for Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 is implemented only for the processor family Skylake-S. At least at the official level. About the Board orientation to the industrial field of application and said operating temperature range: from minus 10 degree to plus 60 degree Celsius. Price MSI calls only on request of customers, it is clear that the fee with this strange mix of functionality can not be cheap.