Intel is preparing for the “CPU war” with AMD

Intel готовится к "процессорной войне" с AMD

The competition between Intel and AMD has been going on for a year, and this year, the advantage was on the side of the “red” of the manufacturer. However, the network appeared information about the following products of the “blue” chip maker that will give him market leadership.

The success of AMD. Sales growth AMD Ryzen has allowed the vendor to circumvent the perennial competitor in some regions, according to Wccftech.

The company is also actively working on the bugs and has already announced a significant number of improvements to current models of CPU. However, according to industry insiders, the leadership of Intel still has an ACE in the hole to preserve the benefits.

What can answer Intel? According to sources who published the slide, probably made for internal meetings Intel, the company plans to fight the rival with lower prices on their products and other marketing actions.

Insiders claim that technogiant plans to spend about $ 3 billion to remedy the situation next year. The net profit of AMD in 2018, according to available information, was ten times less than this amount.

Intel готовится к "процессорной войне" с AMD

The profits of Intel and AMD

What could be the consequences of such a “war”? Analysts note that the effects of an aggressive pricing policy will be on hand to customers, but the monopolization of the market can lead to stagnation in the development of new lines of processors for desktops and servers. Representatives of Intel and AMD leaks have not commented.

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