Intel removed from production the CPUs Kaby Lake-G: causes

Intel сняла с производства процессоры линейки Kaby Lake-G: причины

Intel officially announced the discontinuation of processors Kaby Lake-G. note, the chips are introduced in 2017 and they are created together with the main competitor “blue” chip maker – AMD.

Feature processors 8 generation Kaby Lake-G from Intel was the presence of integrated graphics Radeon RX Vega M and the built-in memory HBM2, reports Tom’s Hardware.

For both companies, as it seemed, it was the best situation: Intel has at its disposal the most powerful at that time, integrated graphics, and AMD is thus able to convey its products to the greatest number of users.

In reality, however, the market appeared only a few devices based on chips Kaby Lake-G. Now, however, Intel decided to cease production in common with the AMD product.

Intel сняла с производства процессоры линейки Kaby Lake-G: причины

Intel Kaby Lake-G was removed from production

Why processors are removed from production? In an official statement, Intel said the low demand for CPUs Kaby Lake-G, therefore, it was decided on the termination of their release. OEMs will be able to order these chips until January 31, 2020, and deliveries will be discontinued on July 31 of the same year.

The Intel Graphics. Note that next year will see the emergence of the first discrete graphics cards from Intel that will compete with solutions from NVIDIA and AMD.

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