Intel removes from production the processors Skylake line-X

Intel снимает с производства процессоры линейки Skylake-X

This fall, Intel will bring to market new LGA2066 together with processors Cascade Lake. Together with the joyful news of the “blue” chip maker was quick to inform that stops the production of 14-nanometer Skylake family of solutions.

What processor will be removed from production? As reported by Overclockers, in another document, Product Change Notification (update notification) listed the Intel Core i7-7800X, Core i7-7820X Core i9-7900X Core i9-7920X Core i9-7940X Core i9-7960X and Core i9-7980XE.

CPU data contain from 6 to 18 physical cores and at one time competed with AMD chips Ryzen Threadripper the first generation.

When waiting for the last batch? The above-mentioned chips can be ordered until December 27, while the last batch will be shipped June 5, 2020.

What is known about the future of Intel LGA2066 / X299? It should be borne in mind that the HEDT platform Intel LGA2066 / X299 will be relevant for some time. Last fall, for it was released a line of chips Skylake-X Refresh. These CPU, like its predecessors, contain up to 18 cores, but can boast of solder under the lid.

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