Intel “went to rest” several models processors Xeon Phi

Intel "отправит на покой" несколько моделей процессоров Xeon Phi

Blue chip maker will take the Intel Xeon Phi. The company announced in a new document Product Change Notification. This decision is motivated by the low interest in the chips, production of which is meaningless, considering the future plans of the Corporation.

What is known about the Intel Xeon Phi? As reported by Overclockers, processors, Xeon Phi are direct descendants of Larrabee graphics cards, which ten years ago had to compete with the products from AMD and NVIDIA.

The initial project was not successful, prompting the chip maker to change the direction of development in the direction of compute intensive. It was planned that dozens of low-frequency x86 cores in the Xeon Phi part will be able to adequately show themselves in a number of specialized loads.

What model of Intel Xeon Phi are removed from production and when? In the foreseeable future, the rest will go to three solutions Intel Knights Mill, which are produced on 14-nanometer process technology in 2017. Xeon Phi 7295, 7285 7235 and can be ordered until 9 August, and the last batch of CPU’s will be shipped on 31 July 2020.

Intel plans for the future. Note that the next year is planned release a discrete graphics core on Intel architecture, the Xe, which should find application not only in the gaming sector, but also in the field of HPC computing.

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