Intelligence agencies of Ukraine and Russia are at war, about which little is said – Lunev

Спецслужбы Украины и РФ ведут войну, о которой мало говорят - Лунев

The commander of the special operations Forces (SSO), Lieutenant-General Igor Lunev reported that a certain number of personnel of the military unit in Sevastopol, which betrayed Ukraine is working against MTR.

He said this in an interview with “Novinama”.

“A certain number of personnel of the military unit in Sevastopol, which betrayed Ukraine, now works against us,” – said Lunev.

According to him, “there are still people who know a lot of those soldiers, now serving in the mtrs”. “About this war (between the intelligence services of Ukraine and Russia – “H”) have little to say to the General public, but it is very stressful. One of the tasks of Ipso (information-psychological special operations – ed) is the monitoring of InfoSpace, identifying signs of discredit, for example. Almost every week there are fake messages intended to discredit the MTR,” – said Lunev.

He recalled that the Russian Federation is the law on the liability of persons in the information space harm Russia. “Under the act are directly subject to our Ipasnieki because they conduct psychological operations in the information space.

“Why is the law accepted? Because we receive them in certain directions rather seriously,” added the commander of the SSO.

According to him, the Russians used every opportunity to discredit the MTR. “It was the Russians allegedly fabricated “official site” special operations Forces of Ukraine before we created our own. They launched the page, through which distributed the fakes, damaging the command structure of the MTR and the APU as a whole,” – said Lunev.

To clarify, how the MTR will learn that working against them it was the Russians, said: “we Have a programme of analysis: who, where disseminates information. The end point is often a place outside of Ukraine, although the tone of the informational messages – allegedly from the residents of Ukraine. 90% of all these distractions – from groups of Ipso Rostov, Sevastopol and others.”

He also drew attention to the increased interest units of Ipso, the armed forces of the Russian Federation to members of the SSO. “Any information that is displayed on social networks or through relatives, is used against our soldiers,” – said Lunev.