Intelligence reported that Putin will pull to the borders of Ukraine 120 thousand military

Разведка донесла, когда путин стянет к границам Украины 120 тысяч военных

Recently, experts talked about the fact that Russia may soon pull to the borders of Ukraine a large number of armed groups.

We are talking about the preparation of the Russian Federation military exercises “Caucasus-2020”. So, it is noted that the exercise is scheduled for September 2020 and Ukraine could be a serious risk at this time, reports Hyser.

Among the warning experts say the increasing number of vehicles from the Russian Federation, as well as an increase in the tensions in Donbas.

Relevant information was shared by the representative of the DIU of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky in an interview Today.

So, the teachings are very similar to the rehearsal capture, because they will be practiced a number of stratagems and manoeuvres. In fact, during these exercises, the Russians plan to work out a full complex of tasks on martial interaction.

The representative of the Main intelligence Directorate said that during these exercises, the Marines practiced the transfer and landing in unfamiliar territory, engineers and building crossings over water obstacles and ensuring the movement of troops, and representatives of defense should establish a unified air defense system to protect strategically important objects.

Overall, if you look at the trends of past years, such exercise was conducted in July and August, now exercises are scheduled for the 20th of September. Most of the polygons that will be used belong to the Russian southern military district, where Russians identify and occupied Crimea.

According to the Ukrainian intelligence, since the annexation of Crimea in 2014 the scale of the strategic doctrines of Russia started to grow annually. This year’s exercise is especially dangerous, as it will be held near the Ukrainian border.

Skibitsky noted that in addition to the nearly 120,000 personnel, the exercise will involve about 3 thousand units of military equipment, of which about 500 units are tanks, 300 aircraft, 5 – submarines, 50 ships and 250 helicopters.

At the same time, some military experts note that the “Caucasus-2020” is not horrible and shouldn’t be afraid of the offensive of the Russian troops.

Previously written about the fact that Ukrainian troops are preparing for the worst.

Our portal also reported that in the Black sea observed dozens of military vessels.

The black sea