Intentionally joined the gym to see him, Sokolov about the first meeting with Vakarchuk

Намеренно записалась в спортзал, чтобы увидеть его, – Соколова о первой встрече с Вакарчуком

Well-known Ukrainian journalist and video blogger Yanina Sokolova has recently interviewed the frontman of the band “Okean Elzy” and the leader of the “Voice” of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. According to her, at 14 years old she even could not expect that in the future the singer will tell her, “You’re my idol.”

About Yanina Sokolova said in an interview with channel 24.

“Life is unpredictable. You can be somebody’s fan, like here with the chorus, and then meet, and the man, crying like what they say, “You’re my hero. I just adore you, I admire your incredible strength,” said Janina.

She remembered a 14-year-old, when I went to the gym at the sports Palace for a month to get on his show.

“I didn’t have money for a ticket, I just brought my mom. So I deliberately enrolled in a gym adjacent to the University, paying 15 hryvnia, went there to create the illusion,” says the journalist.

And still waited, when Vakarchuk was going through the service entrance, which ran through the gym. When I saw him for the first time. And now I let him hug me, I say the phrase, drop it when calling me (Smiles)
– told Janina.

Remembering the recent interview with Vakarchuk before the parliamentary elections, Sokolova said that despite the emotion of the conversation, Svyatoslav very little is told about his party’s “Voice”.

This is at the end we had a history of emotional “mi-mi-mi”. And so, in principle, he said nothing about his party. I thread thread wove that rug. Something we have achieved, but in General it is very little told
– said Sokolov.

The first and second part of the interview with Yanina Sokolova is available on the website 24 channel

Video interview with Yanina Sokolova with Sviatoslav Vakarchuk:

Video of the full interview with Yanina Sokolova: