Intercity buses in Germany can be cheaper

Междугородние автобусы в Германии могут стать дешевле

French company BlaBlaCar will compete in the market Flixbus intercity bus traffic in Germany.

In the market of intercity bus transportation Germany will have another party. French online search service auto travel BlaBlaCar intends to oust the monopoly of bus services in Germany, the company Flixbus. The head of BlaBlaCar, Nicolas Brusson said Friday, March 1, that the first buses BlaBlaBus will be in Germany in the near future. It is expected that by the end of 2019, they will operate flights between the 60 cities of Germany and the Benelux countries.

Currently, Flixbus controls 95 percent of the market in Germany. The monopoly position allowed it to gradually raise ticket prices. In 2015 they increased by 20 percent. In 2014 it attempted to oust the British company Megabus, but then she was forced to transfer Flixbus their entire network in continental Europe. BlaBlaCar intends to compete with the monopolist by lower prices.

BlaBlaCar came to the market of intercity bus transportation in the fall of 2018 by buying one of the largest bus operators in France Ouibus. This firm belonged to the state-owned SNCF, which manages the Railways of the country. In January 2019 BlaBlaCar announced the launch of commercial intercity bus transportation in Russia.


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