Interesting facts have become known about the acting Minister of health

Интересные факты стали известны об и. о. министра здравоохранения

Acting Minister of health Suprun life insurance in the American insurance company in the amount of 1 670 dollars (about 45,5 thousand UAH).

This is evidenced by its Declaration in 2018.

According to the Declaration, last year the head of the Ministry of health transferred to the American company William Penn Life Insurance 1670 dollars in life insurance contract.

In addition, during the year, the acting Minister has received 353 983 UAH. This amount became the only income for the past year. In addition, the official dropped a considerable amount in the accounts of foreign and Ukrainian banks. In particular, Citibank NA Citibank on her account there are 12.4 thousand dollars in “PrivatBank” – 31,1 thousand UAH and UAH 1922, Ukrgazbank – UAH 44,3, in addition Suprun received $ 2.6 million in contributions to credit unions and other nonbank financial institutions.

Moreover, her retirement account in the US is 509,5 thousand dollars.