Interesting trend: in half of the major French cities mayors were first elected women

Интересная тенденция: в половине крупных французских городов мэрами впервые были избраны женщины

Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Lille and Nantes. In five of the ten largest cities of France in the second round of municipal elections on June 28 mayors were women.

In Marseille, as well as in Besancon, Biarritz, Perigueux, and Poitiers of female mayors elected for the first time in history.

In Paris, 61-year-old socialist Anne Hidalgo, who became in 2014 the first female mayor of the French capital, was re-elected by a large margin from his two rivals. The candidate of the socialist party received 48.5% of the vote.

In Lille 69-year-old socialist Martine Aubry, barely retained his post, beating the candidate of the party “Europe Ecology Green” by a margin of 227 votes and received 40%. This is the fourth and, as she promised, the last mandate of the mayor. The former head of the socialist party of France ruled Northern city for 19 years – in 2001, she became the first woman mayor of Lille.

At Nantes the municipal elections scenario was identical to Paris. 41-year-old socialist Joanna Rolland, in 2014 became the first woman mayor of the city, was re-elected, beating his two rivals with a score 59,67% of the vote.

In Strasbourg, the 39-year-old lawyer, a representative of the party “Europe Ecology Green” Jeanne Barseghian has bypassed the opponent from the ruling party “Forward, Republic of” with 41,71% of the vote. The media called her victory a “surprise.” Election Barseghyan also fits into the context of the new “green wave” in France when the second round of municipal elections in several major cities won by the representatives of the green.

In Marseille, the second largest city in France, the results of the second round are not yet fully defined. The city is waiting for a “third round”: the new mayor will be elected in the voting of municipal deputies. However, we already know that the mayor of Marseille for the first time in history would be women. At the end of voting the election was won by the representative of the green 63-year-old Michelle Rubirosa scored 38%. Her opponent, the candidate from right party “the Republicans” Martin Vassal received 30% of votes.

First women mayors were elected in Biarritz, Perigueux, and Poitiers Besancon. In the latter two cities mayors are the representatives of the green. In Poitiers 30-year-old Leonor of Montague bypassed the incumbent mayor, a socialist Alain clay typing 42,83%. In Besancon 60-year-old researcher-ecologist Anne vigneault defeated an opponent from the right-wing “Republicans” with the result 43,83%.

The second round of municipal elections in France was held on Sunday, June 28, with a record low turnout (59%) and three months after the first round, held on March 15. The second round was delayed because of the epidemic of the coronavirus. In most French communes the winners of the elections were determined by the results of the first round. However, the second tour took in most major cities France: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg.