“Intergal-Bud” on the situation with the “Ukrbud” documented agreements now no

"Интергал-Буд" о ситуации с "Укрбудом": зафиксированных договоренностей сейчас нет

The company “Intergal-Bud” said that while do considering the possibility of completion of projects of “Ukrstroy”, but any recorded agreements are now available.

“Given the magnitude of the situation, number of victims and possible serious blow to the market of primary real estate, we understand that the solution to this problem can only be comprehensive, that is, the company is ready to undertake obligations to complete the 26 the construction of residential properties (80% of which have a negative balance)”, – stated in the message.

The company added that “the state cannot remain aloof and to respond to the appeals and protests of the deceived buyers “Ukrbud”.

“For the private investor had the opportunity to complete the construction of the “Ukrbud”, required the cooperation and participation of state bodies in the following matters:

Obtaining missing permits on facilities Ukrbud

Guarantee claims on existing criminal cases to a new developer

Removing arrests and other blocking construction, questions regarding the Ukrbud

The connection of objects to engineering services and commissioning,” – said in the “Intergal-Bud”.

It is noted that the company in the case of support and assistance of the state in these matters will be ready to begin the financial, technical and legal audit of construction sites to verify previously granted by the shareholders of the “Ukrbud” financial and analytical information.

According to EP, by the company “Intergal-Bud” owns the people’s Deputy of 8-th convocation of the party “Revival” Vladimir zubik.

Read more about the situation in the “ukrbud” read the article, which will soon be on Economic truth.


Director of the “ukrbud development” Oleg Mayboroda reported that the company “ukrbud” conveys all the unfinished projects “Intergal-Will”, to finish the objects under its brand.

Earlier the adviser of the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko Maskim Bakhmatov said that the group “ukrbud” will not go bankrupt, because there came a new investor.

Officially shares in the building Corporation “ukrbud development” has acquired a little-known Eugene Deakin and Basil Field.

The previous owner of the “ukrbud develoment” was “Bashert development Elele”, which belonged to former people’s Deputy Maxim Mikitas.

This was listed in his Declaration of 2019.

On 19 September the CEO of the Corporation “ukrbud” Oleg Mayboroda reported that Mikitas out of the construction business. 20 Sep Mikitas confirmed that he had sold the company “ukrbud development”.

4 Dec the former President of the Corporation “ukrbud” Maxim Mikitas stated that the CEO “ukrbud development” Oleg Mayboroda has arranged the sale of the assets of the development company of the restaurateur Dmitry Fedotenkova.