International towing company stated that its not allowed in the port of Odessa

Международная буксирная компания заявила, что ее не пускают в Одесский порт

Subsidiary of the company with its headquarters in Dubai, P&O Maritime Ukraine, do not allow to enter in the port of Odessa, the press service of the towing company said that the responsible is the head of the Odessa branch of the administration of seaports of Ukraine (ASD) Igor Tkachuk and his Deputy Alexander tooth.

“What happened today is outright blackmail in the interests of the company “Prime-Agency” clearly has a huge impact on port management, a branch of “Delta Pilot” in ASD and even the Administration of seaports of Ukraine. The appropriateness of these methods work with an international operator that represents the strong brand in the port industry around the world? Hardly”, – said in a statement on Facebook page of the company.

On 24 April, the company wanted to moor a container ship SEDEF on request marine agent “Formag group”.

“Managers and port authorities sabotaged the requests of the captains of the tugs and container ship, kept the ships at anchor to 17.00, in the end forcing the agent to refer any application for a towing close to the leadership of the Odessa branch of ASD – company “Prime-Agency”, – noted in press service.

On the company’s website posted audio clips of talks of the captains of the tugs, P&O Star and P&O Balqis with the port managers that the courts of the entrance to the port answer: “You must wait” and later saying: “you have a ban by the port authority”.

“Throughout the day Igor Tkachuk and Alexander tooth put pressure on all participants of the process – pilot service, the agent terminal is actually forbidding them to do their job. After five hours of idle time the agent was forced to pass the request of the towing company “Prime-Agency” and SEDEF immediately entered the waters of the port. “Prime-Agency” company Marisova Andrei, a Russian businessman who is the target of several criminal investigations. 35% of “Prime-Agency” also belongs to Oleg Red from Vinnitsa, a longtime ally of Igor Tkachuk,” – said in a statement.

P&O Maritime Ukraine called on the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan, acting head of ASD mileage Veckagans and Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman to intervene and ensure equal competition for all companies.

P&O Maritime is a global operator of port services established in the UK in 1834. Provides various port services worldwide. Has its own fleet of tugs, mooring vessels, research vessels, passenger and cruise liners. In 2006, the company acquired DP World.

DP World (headquarters in Dubai) is one of the largest global port operators. The company was founded in 2005 after the merger of Dubai Ports Authority and Dubai Ports International. 78 manages the terrestrial and marine terminals in over 40 countries on six continents, controls 50 related businesses. The state – more than 36 thousand people.