Interview with the winner of Dakar-2019 Toby price: Absolute devastation

Интервью с победителем Дакар-2019 Тоби Прайсом: Абсолютное опустошение

Aussie Toby Price KTM factory team has won his second rally-marathon “Dakar” on January 17, 2019, and ascended to a podium together with a buddy – Walkera, the winner of Dakar-2018 and Sunderland, who won in 2017. But this race could not take place.

RACING.RU, 18 January 2019 – two weeks before departure to South America, in training Toby broke the scaphoid bone of the right hand. The incident occurred on 12 December, but the Price quite calmly reacted to the consequences.

“Yes, suddenly got more complicated! But we figured that if you begin rehabilitation in 4 days [after surgery], by early January I can get back on the bike. Fortunately our calculations proved correct. Of course, when you go to a race like the Dakar, any health problem affects. To be honest, I thought that I would withdraw after a couple of stages…” started Toby Price.

Surgery is the leading sports traumatologist Spain Dr. Xavier Mir, who works with the pilots of the MotoGP and World Superbike. For the quality operation it was possible not to over-tighten. Only in the second half of the rally-marathon injury made itself felt. The pain is back under serious load, but fortunately, not immediately: “the Last 2-3 days the brush literally burned, but it had to accept”.

By the last day of Dakar-2019 Toby Price was approached by the leader of the standings MOTO, but with a minimal advantage over the Chilean Pablo Quintanilla in 1 minute. The destiny of the title was to be decided before the finish. But the discharge came a little earlier: the pilot factory team Husqvarna made a mistake and fell at the beginning СУ10, injuring his leg, which slowed Quintanilla. The Chilean lost almost 20 minutes, in the end, fell back from 2nd to 4th position, it passed two other riders of the factory team KTM – Walkner and Sunderland.

The first words Toby price at the finish as he removed his helmet were: “Generally, it is crazy! I’m hard to realize that you can win the Dakar rally without a single victory on the stages (well, except today). It seems crazy when you travel and go with one thought – just to get to the finish line, and now I’m just in seventh heaven from happiness.”

About his injury he added: “Honestly, I have no idea what the condition of the hand, it will be necessary to assess the scale of the damage that I caused… overall, the feeling while riding I could describe like five bands at the same time your hand with a knife. But the last two days it was real torture”.

And about racing: “Winning a second time – it has a special meaning! When you win for the first time, you have euphoria. I believe that at that time I was just lucky. This also had to work hard from start to finish, just to get to Lima. I’m happy at the same time, I feel absolute devastation. That was the hardest race of my life without doubt.”

“We were not leaders in it. I think the key point is that we made fewer mistakes. Rather, any significant. It’s just fantastic. I want to take my hat off in front of Laia Sanz, who was once again beat by a bunch of guys and was 11th in the end. This is an incredible result for the KTM Factory Racing in General – we all made it to the finish line!”

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Интервью с победителем Дакар-2019 Тоби Прайсом: Абсолютное опустошение

Интервью с победителем Дакар-2019 Тоби Прайсом: Абсолютное опустошение

Интервью с победителем Дакар-2019 Тоби Прайсом: Абсолютное опустошение

Интервью с победителем Дакар-2019 Тоби Прайсом: Абсолютное опустошение