Intimate secrets: talking about your sexual fantasies

Интимные тайны: о чем говорят ваши сексуальные фантазии

Only in the innermost secret lives genuine desire, and the desires we reveal ourselves. What a sexy frame excites you the most?

1. MS

Fantasy of dominance can be scary, as it is associated with cruelty, violence and even corruption. But you find traces of it in their sex lives – for example, you are pleased to command the partner, you may like to hold his hand. You have fun, controlling it and dictating to him his pace, prolonging his pleasure? This is one of the means to feel their power, feel their vitality and significance to others.

2. Captive passions

In dreams you see yourself the heroine of “50 shades of grey”, you like to hold the headboard as if you are tied to it? Play passivity means to be the object of desire, allow other decide for you. And enjoy the fact that you are not responsible for the sexual script, nor for your orgasm, not for the pleasure of a partner.

Ask yourself: how do I change, if you take the initiative in their hands?

3. The love for three

In your erotic fantasies penetrated the stranger or stranger? And sometimes you play a nurse, fireman, pirate, stewardess? In fantasies about threesomes there is a need vivid sensations, permissiveness. For women is hoping to receive sexual pleasure without moral constraints of a social nature.

Ask yourself: what I’m too shy to ask your partner in bed?

4. Sex with caution

Do you love secretly watching the couple in the cafe with a passion for watching reality shows, dedicated to the relations, look to the men and women on the beach, critically evaluating their figure – seen it creates in your imagination desire. Prohibition creates the desire, the violation of a prohibition pleasure. You’re scared to play a major role in the erotic film, and you enjoy being a spectator.

Ask yourself: who plays a major role in your erotic play?

5. Queen on stage

The female body always leads to exciting, the sex is great, but passion needs no games and gimmicks – that’s your motto. You are sensual, open-minded, love to arouse desire in the man and often provoke him: it feeds your confidence in your own sexuality. But in fact, elements of exhibitionism in your behavior indicate about internal insecurity and the desire to win thus love and support.

Ask yourself: what actually you are looking for, hunting for sex?