Introduced the new AMD Radeon RX XT 560: features and price

Представили новую видеокарту AMD Radeon RX 560 XT: характеристики и цена

Company Advanced Micro Devices introduced a new graphics card on the architecture of the Polaris 560 Radeon RX XT. The accelerator is built on a stripped-down version of the GPU Polaris 20 and will be sold only in China.

As reported by Overclockers, the only AIB partner of AMD, which began to produce such accelerators, will be the company Sapphire Technology.

Characteristics. In a 560 AMD Radeon RX XT has 1792 stream processors, 112 texture units (TMU) and 32 blocks ROP (ROP). The clock frequency of the GPU range from 973 to 1073 MHz in the dynamic acceleration, the nominal TDP of 150 watts.

Video card is equipped with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory with 256 bit interface and the effective frequency of 6.6 GHz, which provides a bandwidth of about 211 GB / s.

Представили новую видеокарту AMD Radeon RX 560 XT: характеристики и цена

Features AMD Radeon RX XT 560

Price. As can be seen from the characteristics, the novelty should occupy a niche between the Radeon RX AMD Radeon RX 560 and 570. The recommended price of the device is not yet known.

According to journalists from AnandTech, the Radeon RX 560 XT will be offered at a price of about $ 150 (roughly 10 000).

Note that AMD is not the first time produces graphics adapter exclusively for the Chinese market, for example, debuted in the fall of AMD Radeon RX 580 2048SP.

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