Invaders 13 Sunday times broke the “silence” near the Town fired at the house

Оккупанты в воскресенье 13 раз нарушили "тишину", возле Авдеевки обстреляли дом

In the past days, July 26, armed forces of the Russian Federation 13 times violated the ceasefire. The enemy repeatedly committed as provocative and aimed attacks.

About it informs the press-center of staff of the FOS

“Enemy firing activity was recorded near the Water, of Pivdenne, Shirokino, the Food, the Sands, Experienced and Lebedinsky. In these areas the front line Russian occupants used the 120-mm mortars and 82 mm grenade launchers of various systems, weapons, infantry fighting vehicles, UAVs, and small arms”, – stated in the message.

Near the settlement the Happiness of the enemy deployed a sniper weapon, and near Avdeevka invaders released three rockets caliber 122 mm and fired 82 mm mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns.

On July 26, five units of the combined forces of standard weapons opened fire in response.

For the past day, due to the attacks of the enemy, one Ukrainian defender was wounded. It in satisfactory condition delivered to a medical facility and assistance of doctors.

“Moreover, before a complete and comprehensive cease-fire, the enemy launched another provocation near Novomikhailovka and carried out the mining of the Ukrainian positions anti-personnel mines POM-2 with anti-tank grenade launchers. Such mines are prohibited by Otavsky Convention and are exclusively manufactured in the Russian Federation. POM-2 remotely placed and has a liquidation period of from 4 to 100 hours”, – stated in the message.

Cunning provocation is that soon, during the truce, the mine can be detonated and the explosion will be regarded as the bombardment of the Ukrainian positions, or undermining Ukrainian soldiers by their own mines. That is, in any case, as the failure of a full and comprehensive ceasefire.

Armed forces of the Russian Federation on 26 July, continued shelling not only positions of the Ukrainian defenders, but a house. So, with the direction of the settlement Yakovlivka in the direction of the Town, the enemy used 82-mm mortars. the shelling one of the shells hit the roof of the country house, which led to its destruction and fire. In addition, the yard found two craters, probably from hitting mines of calibre of 82 mm. of Casualties and injuries among the civilian population.

On the breeding areas No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 of attacks is not fixed.

“The situation in the area of operations of the combined forces remains under control. Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to fulfil tasks. In this context, again it should be emphasized that measures total and comprehensive cease-fire deprived the Ukrainian soldiers to act in accordance with the rules of international humanitarian law and national legislation of Ukraine. This division of the joint forces are ready to give a fitting rebuff to the enemy in case of violation of the agreements”, – emphasized in the headquarters of the OOS.