Invaders block the Ukrainian radio stations in the Crimea: infographics

Оккупанты блокируют украинские радиостанции в Крыму: инфографика

Signal seven Ukrainian radio stations in 20 communities North of the Crimea completely or partially overshadowed by a signal Russian FM stations.

Researchers from the “Crimean human rights group” has tested 13 frequencies of seven Ukrainian radio stations that received from the national Council on television and radio the right to broadcast on the territory of Northern districts of Crimea. The signal coming from controlled Ukraine, Chaplinka and Chongar.

Monitoring conducted in such settlements:

Nadiine – working Ukrainian radio station against Russian 2;

Center Ukrainian, Russian 4;

Vishnevka – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Strong – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Tank – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Proletarka – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Krasnoperekopsk – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

State farm – no, 5 Russian;

Taurian – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Rice – no, 5 Russian;

Honorary Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Perekop – Ukrainian, 4 Russian;

Armenian – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Suvorovo – nope, 5 Russian;

Pyatikhatki no, 5 Russian;

Karpova Balka – nope, 5 Russian;

Filativka – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Ishun ‘ – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Tomashivka – Ukrainian, Russian 5;

Voinka – Ukrainian and 5 Russian.

Thus, among seven Ukrainian radio stations that have their frequencies in the occupied Peninsula, was: “Army FM”, “Radio Crimea Realities”, “Radio HB” UA “Radio Ray” Meydan FM, UA: Radio “Culture” and “Pepper FM”.

According to the study, the frequencies of some of these Ukrainian radio stations sound, or Russian radio, or the signal is simply absent.

In the organization to make such a conclusion on the study: recently, the occupation authorities of the Crimea specially jammed the signal of Ukrainian broadcasters, in particular, by incorporating Russian radio stations on the same frequencies.

Оккупанты блокируют украинские радиостанции в Крыму: инфографика