Invaders destroyed previously successful enterprise in the Crimea

Оккупанты уничтожили ранее успешное предприятие в Крыму

Occupants in the Crimea destroyed one of the oldest and most successful enterprises of the Peninsula – a training and research breeding poultry plant. Frunze.

Poultry farm in the village Frunze of Saki district has cut more than a third of workers. Of the 300 left at the 50 people who write the Crimea. Realities.

“We have been a major supplier of newborn Chicks. On the Ukrainian market, one of the leaders, 33% belonged to us,” says the former Director of the plant Andrey Pryakhin.

The factory almost 90 years. Its main profile is the breeding of chickens. In addition, businesses even barns, stables and vineyards. In the 90s the user has installed the newest equipment and began to grow Dutch chickens.

Before the annexation of Crimea, the factory was in the top three among similar enterprises in Ukraine. Chickens and eggs were placed in 20 regions of Ukraine.

“Our production was in all of Ukraine. Produced every third egg. It was our recalls poultry worker Victor Konnov. The sunset began, I can tell you, as we have just moved to Russia. Prior to that, until 2014, we have no problems”.

After the annexation of the Peninsula Russia the Kremlin-controlled Ministry of agriculture of the Crimea nationalized the company. Because of mistrust of the then Director fired Russian appointees for longer than a few months in a managerial position is not delayed.

Critical point the situation reached in the fall of 2018, then the animals began to sell for peanuts, the equipment sold for scrap, the mill was closed, and people were massively dismissed from their jobs.

“The whole week the chickens didn’t eat. The egg fell today in my house was zero eggs. And the house sits on my 14.5 thousand chickens. Here’s the math, zero percent. But before paying 97-96%, and now – zero,” complains Victor Konnov.

Workers explain bankruptcy the fact that, besides the factory. have 3 hectares of land, 400 of them are located along the sea. The desire to capture these areas was the real cause of artificial destruction of the enterprise.