Invaders in the Donbas continue to poison the population with tap water – 24 Channel

Окупанти на Донбасі продовжують труїти населення водопровідною водою - 24 Канал

In the occupied territories of Donetsk region from 5 to 12 October, over 230 people were poisoned water from the water supply. Local residents complain of high fever, nausea, and upset stomach.

This was announced by the representative of the Ombudsman of Ukraine in the Donbass Pavel Lisyansky on his page in Facebook.

According to him, natkonal Kiev territory of Donetsk region has increased the number of people who were poisoned water from the water supply.

“From 5 to 12 October in hospitals of the occupied part of the Donetsk region appealed more than 230 people with complaints of high fever, nausea, and upset stomach. Mostly children up to 17 years. Also confirmed the information about the mass poisoning of water from the water students of the military Lyceum in Donetsk. Are more than 104 people. The parents of several College students said they convincingly recommended to be treated at home and not go to the hospital,” he said.

Lisyansky simultaneously assure, after the publicity in the media of the effects of water Makeevka residents occupying power has made every effort to hush up the cases of acute intestinal infection in the high school. As noted by the representative of the Ombudsman, they are afraid of riots.

“We have received complaints about the quality of tap water by residents of Dokuchayevsk. According to them, water has a strong smell of mold or dust, According to the published October 11 in the “DNR” results of analyses of tap water, there are deviations and chemical and microbiological indicators, including at school No. 86 of Makeyevka. But can you believe these results ?! To ensure the right to access to safe drinking water is essential an independent examination of tap water in “DNR” with the assistance of international humanitarian organizations”, – he stated.

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