Invented a gadget that will recycle the plastic in space

Изобрели гаджет, который будет перерабатывать пластик в космосе

One of the main problems of the International space station scientists call the process recycling. In addition there are problems with transportation to the ISS large plastic and metal structures.

However, these problems can be solved by using a new gadget that will soon be armed with the astronauts, according to Futurism.

Features of the new device. The company’s Additive Manufacturing Facility has announced the launch of a special apparatus for the International space station. The main task of the device is processing plastic waste into raw material for a 3D printer that is already aboard the station.

Изобрели гаджет, который будет перерабатывать пластик в космосе

The device will process
the plastic on the ISS

Use. According to the creators of this technology will help mankind in space exploration, creating sustainable production systems that do not depend on the Earth’s resources. It will also lead to weight reduction payloads brought from Earth.

When the new device will start working? Note, the spacecraft Northrop Grunman Cygnus with a new device on a Board needs to reach orbit on 2 November.

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